Sunday, September 2, 2012

If We Could Only Live Without Sleep!

So sleeping went better last night until 2am.  At 2, Kate woke up and wanted to nurse..which is fine because then she usually drifts back to sleep.

Notice I said usually....

Unfortunately, just as she was settling Luke woke up.  Luke is not, and never has been, a good "waker upper"!(He gets that from Jay)  He is not quiet or pleasant in the middle of the night...or first thing in the morning either!

Luke wanted a drink of water.  I put a water cup on my night stand every night for him.  Since I was nursing, (and trying to keep Kate from fully waking up!), I asked Luke to lean over and get the cup.  He did...drank the whole thing, put the cup back, and laid back down on the pillow next to me.  I managed to shake the sheet out to cover him while still nursing Kate, and thought I was good to drift back to sleep....

A couple of minutes later, Luke starts whining that his foot is sticking out of the blanket.  Really?  Still nursing, I re-position it and, after a couple of tries, it seems to please Sir Cranks-a-lot.

Kate is starting to drift off and......

Luke sits up again asking for more water.  Since his cup is empty, I ask him to lay down and I will fill it when Kate is done nursing.  Luke wasn't interested.  Whispered explanations and attempts to keep him quiet while he was waiting were futile.  By this point, Kate's eyes are wide open while she's nursing, looking at me and trying to figure out what's going on.

Frustrated, I told Luke to lay down and to stop waking up the baby in a "not so patient" voice.  He started crying.  Great...that worked well.

Since we were all wide awake by that point, I got up and got him more water. Luke drank the water, laid down, I covered him with his blanket(both legs underneath!), kissed him good night, and tried nursing Kate again, hoping she would drift off.

Two minutes later.....

Luke is whining again!!!

So I ask him what he needs.  Luke says, "I need to pee."

Really?  This child of mind, the reluctant potty trainer, who NEVER wants to use the potty decides, at 2:30 AM, that he needs to pee!  Arghhh!

I am desperate to get Kate back to sleep so I told him he had a diaper on(like every other night!)  and to just go to sleep.

No go(literally and figuratively!)  Two minutes later he is whining again.  I realize that sleep is just not going to happen at this point.  So, I pick him up, put him on the potty, praise him for going pee(his diaper was dry), and bring him back to bed.

Luke asked to go into the living room.  A short explanation of "its dark out and everyone and thing is sleeping",(except us, of course), convinced him to lay his head back down.  It took until 3 to get Kate back to sleep:(

You know what the kicker is....Do you think he asked to use the potty when he woke up?  Or at any point during the day so far?


I try very hard not to swear much...sometimes the "little swears" slip out.  Even though last night was rough, I really didn't swear at Luke last night!  Honest!  But I can truly appreciate the humor behind the book, "Go the F#@* To Sleep", after nights like this!