Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On Leaving Little Ones

I have to say, that the weather this weekend was just great!  We got to spend lots of time "playing" outside....and I truly love going to bed on Sunday knowing we get to have a lazy Monday morning:)

This morning was back to the regular schedule of getting all the kids out of the house for school on time..and Jay off to work.  Since it's Tuesday, I had to go to work as well.  Sigh.

Kate doesn't like being apart from me:(  I always feel really bad leaving her even though it's with her grandparents who love her to pieces.  As soon as we walked into their house this morning Kate's grip on me got a lot tighter.  Grandma managed to distract her with a toy and a snuggle so I could slip out.  I know she cries off and on until she takes her nap.  Thankfully, she took a longer nap today so it wasn't too long before I got home after she woke up.

When I walked in the door, Luke was very happy to see me.  I walked to the room where Kate was playing with my dad.  As soon as Kate saw me, she burst into tears and had such a sad face that seemed to say, "How could you leave me?"  I picked her up and she just cried for a few minutes.   I felt awful:(

Kate has been fine since we got home.    I give moms credit that don't have the option of being home with their little ones...I couldn't leave her to work full time!  I hate leaving her for 3 hours!  I am so grateful that I can stay home with her everyday except Tuesday morning!  I would end up crying more than she would!