Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Quiet

This morning I woke up extra early.  When Kate fussed a little after 5, I found myself unable to fall back to sleep.  I tried for a while....but gave up when I realized it wasn't going to happen.  I love Saturdays, so I guess I just got to enjoy a little more of it!  (I get points for being positive, right?!?)

I didn't get out of bed until 6:30.  At first, I was just praying and asking God to bless our day together.  Then I was going though the to-do list in my know, fold clean laundry, wash clean laundry, repeat; Wash dishes, cook, repeat; nurse, change diapers, repeat.  Plus, since it's Saturday and there are extra hands around, I need to get to Luke's drawers and go through last year's clothes.  And I want to dust the fans(because the dust is no longer hiding on top of the fan blades where I can ignore it!)

    Jon has a soccer game today, Andrew is working and has a dance tonight at his girlfriend's school, Mike is working, I need to go to the bank, and the 2nd grocery store for a few things that are on sale......
...and I wanted to exercise.  Thinking that since I woke up early it might be an opportune time to do just that and start the day on a healthy note, I disengaged from the two little people next to me and managed to climb out of bed without waking anyone.  Whew!

Alas, my freedom was short-lived.  Luke's squeaky voice(with a slight whine) was calling, "Hey, Mommy, where are you?  Come get me!"  So I did.  On to plan B...and after only being up for 10 minutes!

After making chocolate chip muffins for the kids, pumpkin muffins for Peter and cookies for Peter, and making a doctor appointment for Mike (turns out he has pneumonia, too...ugh), Jay shooed me out the door for a walk.

It was some much needed quiet time....just me and Jay's iphone, which he so graciously let me borrow so I could listen to music.  I honestly have not been on a walk by myself in a really long time...probably pre-Kate.  Usually I go with a friend, or Jay, or the little kids.  What a difference going by yourself multitasking to make sure Luke keeps his feet from dragging on the ground, or Kate spitting out her binky, or throwing her toy, etc.

I got to notice the scenery around me...and listen to the music.  As I walked for half and hour without having to worry about anyone but myself....several ideas started floating into my head for ideas for my blog and an upcoming project that has been forming in my head, but I haven't really shared here....YET....more details coming soon!:)

It's amazing what can happen when you get a little bit of quiet and a chance to focus...and I got exercise, too.  You can't get much better than that!