Friday, September 21, 2012

Wide...and Random

Trying another "Five Minute Friday" today....mostly because that'a all I can spare right now!

Today's word is:    Wide

Wide....The first thing that comes to mind is "Wide Load"....which makes me think that my butt is too wide.(lol)  That's a work in progress...and maybe too much info! :) 

But, I digress...

Wide...I think of that country song "Wide Open Spaces"...not sure if that's the title but I can hear the singer's voice in my head singing that line.

Wide...I love this fall weather Sooooooo much!  It makes me want to throw my arms out wide in the fall the crisp fall air...snug and warm in a sweatshirt and just soak it all in.  

Wide...the beautiful weather makes me feel closer to's as if my heart is open a little wider than usual. 
That's a good thing!


(Wow...five minutes goes by fast!)

Five Minute Friday