“Rejoice in hope.  Be patient in tribulation.  Be constant in prayer.”  
Romans 12:12

Today, Mike received several of the financial aid decisions from the colleges he applied to.  Based on the numbers, he has narrowed his choices down to two schools:  Framingham State and Assumption College.  

Mike is excited...as he should be.  Framingham does not offer scholarships to transfer students (bummer) but Mike did so well academically that Assumption's package was very generous.  He could go to Assumption for almost the same price that it will cost to go to Framingham.

So...now he has to go visit Assumption and he wants to revisit Framingham.  

I'm praying really hard that he picks the school that he is meant to be at!  It's exciting to think that he will complete his education, hopefully meet lifelong friends, and possibly meet his future wife over the next two years!?!  

Jay and I are very proud of Mike.  He has worked so hard in the two years at his community college.....and now his hard work is paying off! 

Reading the Bible verses I received today in light of Mike's good news just makes me feel blessed and hopeful for his future.  Mike has gone through some growing pangs and angst this year, but God has been faithful.  

Even the moments when he was driving me crazy and I worried about his faith life, God gave us little signal graces that He is still in control.  That gave us hope to get through the bumpy days.  

On the bumpy days, I have learned to look beyond negative behavior and offer it up to God with the prayer, "Thank-you, God, for the work you are doing in Michael.  I trust you and I praise you."  On the tougher days you might find me walking around the kitchen, muttering the prayer under my breath while doing the dishes and working on dinner(and trying not to cry!)....or counting down the days until he leaves for college!  

I truly believe that it's all about timing!  God knows all of our faults and our struggles and our hurts and He continues to work with us...and on us.  Sometimes it takes longer to work on things because we are not as cooperative or pliable as we could be!  (I have definitely been guilty of this too many times in my life!)

I also know that I have to store the memory of this joyous and hope filled day so that when those bumpy times rear its ugly head again....and I know they will...I can hold onto hope until we reach smoother paths again!

Lent has been long, but Easter is coming!  I am ready to rejoice!