Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beautiful Givers!

I have spent the last 24 hours thinking about how blessed I am to be surrounded by a community of women that are so generous and caring.

Within my circle of friends, is a mom who just gave birth to her sixth child that, because of some scary post delivery bleeding issues, is needing quite a bit more recovery time than she had considered.  Her husband had used all of his pto that he could, but after 2 weeks, his wife is not back on her feet and it has still been touch and go as to whether she would have to be re-admitted to the hospital.  With two teen sons and her 8 yo son with autism in school all day, she was going to be left home with a 5 yo boy and an almost 2 yo daughter and her (beautiful...and totally worth the struggles!) baby girl.

All you moms that are reading this are either mumbling a "no way in heck" type statement or just shaking your head...because no where but in magical thinking land could this scenario work or turn out positive without some intervention.

Unfortunately, this family does not have a lot of local family and the family that is local has been helping when they can but can't be there full time....which is really what's needed.

After a couple of phone calls and texts and facebook messages....gotta love this technological age we live in!...there were volunteers for each weekday this week to watch her kids, meals each night through next week, and volunteers to go in their home and clean the kitchen and bathrooms with a woman's touch this weekend.

(Well, like some women's touch....I don't clean toilets.  It was one of those discussions that Jay and I had when we got married.  Everyone has their "thing(s)" that become a his job/her job...and toilets were 'it' for me.  I only clean them if I absolutely have to and that is hardly ever...thank-you, God!)

Anyway, I digress...

I love to see the goodness that flows from a simple request to help.  Serving others and lifting others up when they hit one of life's "speed bumps" is such a beautiful thing!

I am blessed to be around so many women ready to help...whether it's someone they know personally or not.  What's even more beautiful is that I can easily think of a dozen more that would jump right in if they were asked.

Our parish and school community is just awesome!

Thank you to all the women who are so inspiring to be around!