Friday, March 1, 2013


Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday....and even these five minutes are a squeeze, but Kate is enthralled with Bubble Guppies so I will give it a go.

Today's word is:


There is nothing ordinary about a mom's "ordinary day".  Our days are usually like a movie...start off good with promise, have some drama in the middle, and then somehow it all works out by bedtime.  (or I'm so tired that I just don't care anymore and things almost always look better the next day!)

Yes, the laundry and the dishes are monotonous and unending!  And somehow my clan always manages to use up the mountain of food I buy every week.  (If you see me in the grocery store...yes, that is food only for the week!)

Every cute little Kate grin and Lukie laugh are not ordinary...they are gifts!  Even having the grace to do the ordinary shopping, cooking, laundry and dishes are a gift.  I get to be here an experience all of these little, fleeting, ordinary moments.  I get to hear about my kids' days and get glimpses into their lives that continue to stretch and grow until they will be on their own.

I pray that I will always...or at least almost always(!)...remember to be thankful and find wonder in the midst of all this ordinary that I have been blessed with!