Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow Fun

I have a few more pictures to share from yesterday's snow day:)

Sarah's snow fort

Sister pose!

Jon's snow fort plus 2 snowmen as his minions

Jon in action building snowmen #3

Lukie all bundled  up

Ellie 'planking' on her snow fort

Sarah 'planking' on her snow fort

Jon continued his snowman building with a hamburger flipping snowman.

Jon's last snowman was built in front of Sarah's window as a peace offering.(see below)

If you got a chance to read my post from yesterday, I wrote it while the kids were still in the fort building stage.  I pondered how long it would take once the snowballs started flying for someone to come storming in the house because they got hit in the face......

Answer:  Less than 5 minutes!  Sarah came in with a bloody nose and a red eye because Jon(accidentally) hit her right in the face with a large snowball!