Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Take Friday

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1.  We have a new pope!  
  • sonriele a la vida, que ella te sonreira
I love that my kids were so excited about it!  Sarah came bursting into the house on Wednesday shouting, "Habemus Papem"!  (I love that Pope Francis was introduced during the 3 o'clock hour, too:)

2. Get Together
We had a nice get together with some new friends and their children. 
 Everyone got along great and it was so nice to have adult conversation!  
I always get a little nervous when people come over for the first time and enter our chaos.  
Yet, despite Peter drinking the water from his boiled hotdogs with a crazy straw when he thought I wasn't looking(don't worry it had cooled!), they still want to get together again!

3.  Snow Day!
Jon and the girls had fun building a snow fort and the subsequent snow ball fight while it lasted.
(less than 5 min when Sarah got hit in the eye with a snowball and got a bloody nose thanks to her overzealous brother!) 
 Jon went on a snowman making spree that brought to mind the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes' and their snowman house of horrors!  Jon's were happy snowmen, though!  
My favorite is the snowman he built in front of the grill that was getting ready to flip a burger!  
(Jon does love his meat!)

4.  Change of Scenery
Having all the snow melt by the beginning of the week...please, please, please let it be spring now! 
 I got to head out for a walk with one of my friends Wednesday afternoon....exercise and grown-up conversation!  Bonus...Kate fell asleep, too!

5.  Alone Time
My mother-in-law watched the littles on Wed. morning and I got to go to Mass! needed!

6.  Course Registration Night
It was Sarah's first visit to her high school that will begin in September.  
We pulled up to the school and I looked at her and said, 
"How about if you just do 8th grade just one more year?"
I'm so not ready for this....again!

7.  Luke loving his little sister
He's dropping yogurt all over the floor feeding her yogurt right now as I write this...making airplane noises and everything:)  He also grabbed a dirty towel from the laundry room and yells out every few minutes, "Don't worry, Mommy,  I'm cleaning up the mess."