Thursday, March 14, 2013

Racing Towards Easter

It struck me yesterday that Easter is fast approaching!  Suddenly the Lent (and winter) that has felt never ending is coming to a close!

We have a super busy next few weeks with lots of special moments that need planning for and I'm feeling like I'm a little behind the 8 ball!  And I'm not even sure how that happened!

On a spiritual level I feel like I've done 'ok' with my Lenten goals so far...but questioning whether I really did enough.

With the craziness of Jay's work schedule the last couple of months and the crazy basketball schedule(that stilllllllllll is not over!ugh), I have not reached that place of normal family dinners  and some extra evenings off just being able to focus on family time!  I miss that so much!

With Easter two weeks from Sunday, I haven't really thought about picking up the few little things to make each of my children feel special.  Since we have 8 kids....a few little things each is not a quick or easy task!

The week after Easter is Ellie's birthday.  Very shortly after that, we leave on a trip to Florida with my parents and sister!  We've been planning the trip for so long that it's surreal that it's almost here!

(As is the tremendous amount of mental planning and packing that needs to take place...and to make sure the kids have clothes that actually fit!  I know that some of them don't so that means trying to squeeze a shopping trip in, too!  Plus, Ellie and Kate need Easter dresses and all the girls need new shoes...Luke needs new sandals, Jay and I need new sneakers....the list keeps getting bigger every time I start to mentally list what we have vs what we need for Easter and vacation!)

It's all good things!  I cannot wait to arrive in Florida and be in vacation mode!(and be warm!!!!)

I just find myself feeling dicombobulated.  I want to get back in a rhythm of staying on top of the house, but I find myself struggling with organizational issues and clutter.  Then I struggle with time to go through the clutter so that I can organize what's left.  It kind of feels like an unending struggle that I will never be able to get on top of!

It's been like this since Kate's been born.  I know it will get better....but I'm getting antsy!  And right now, there's more mess than me!  And more projects than time!

Today has been one of those days when the baby's cranky and wouldn't nap outside of my arms...and I really wanted to use that time to exercise.  (Which I have only fit in once this week and it's Thursday already!)

I'm not all unglued about it....just venting a little!

I need to come up with a cleaning schedule, too!

I would love to hear what works for you!  How do you keep things running (somewhat) smoothly to keep the house (mostly) clean and tidy?