Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things

We were spoiled by a mostly mild winter up until Friday! Now...not so much. Winter didn't want to pass by without leaving it's mark!

I can honestly say that winter is not my favorite season! The cold and the lack of daylight make me want to hibernate!

I've tried to make myself feel better by thinking ahead to summer months and trying to research a possible mini vacation to Story Land with our younger set. I've also been spending some time starting to outline our next Disney vacation at the end of the year that my parents invited us on! My parents are Disney addicts, especially my mom, and they love to share their Disney love with their children and grandchildren! (We are so blessed!)

Since I love to plan things and Disney is a place where you need to have pretty specific plans to make the most out of the vacation...meals planned 180 days in advance, fast passes, etc...it's a great outlet for me! Planning and anticipating the vacation are almost as fun for me as the vacation itself!

Last night, I was huddled under a blanket googling "best Disney restaurants" to try and come up with a couple new places to try on our upcoming visit. Trying to make a trip special for everyone and get in their favorites can be challenging...especially with an age range on the trip from 5-69! That's one of the BEST things about Disney....there's something for everything! Lots of family time....and lots of family memories! My two favorite things!

Speaking of favorite things....Late last night, I found out that Jamberry is coming out with a Disney Collection!! I was SO excited! I couldn't help thinking that it was a funny coincidence that the Disney Collection by Jamberry got announced as I was putting together our next Disney trip!

If your family are Disney fans...or you know people that are(!)....please pass on your favorite Disney restaurants! If you want to check out Jamberry's new Disney Collection, you can find it here on my website: https://hamel.jamberry.com/us/en/shop/shop/for/nail-wraps?collection=collection%3A%2F%2F1128#.VroqIfkrLct

Here are a couple of the shots from our last Disney vaca!
Sampling from around World Showcase is so much fun! 

Via Napoli is one of our favorites!

Some of my favorites from the new Disney Collection by Jamberry!