Monday, April 14, 2014

Bring on Easter!

I had every intention of linking in for 7 quick takes Friday....I even had a list going!  Until.....I had a fever Thursday night that made it feel like the.longest.night.ever.  My throat hurt and, when I said "Ahh" to myself in the mirror on Friday morning, my right tonsil was covered with white ick!  (No wonder why the glands on the right side of my neck were swollen and painful!)

A trip to the doctor yielded a diagnosis of acute tonsillitis and I am on another round of antibiotics!  Ugh...this long winter and now Lent...of illness just will not quit!

(A bright note to interject into this whine fest was that Jay took the day off to take care of me which was so sweet because, after a night with very little sleep and feeling so lousy, I was not looking forward to entertaining Kate all day and having to go get Luke at preschool.  I am blessed to have such a caring hubby!)

Saturday I was fever free.  It was a really long and emotional day.  I had to do the grocery shopping that I couldn't do Friday early on Saturday morning.  Then, Sarah and I went to an 11:30 funeral Mass for her 8th grade teacher from last year who passed away unexpectedly.  Jon was one of the pall bearers.  It was a beautiful Mass for a very dedicated and loved teacher.  The whole school is hurting over such a sudden loss.
Everyone at the school did an incredible job.  She passed away on Wed. at 3:30 am, and by 6:30 there was a school reach phone call to every parent to let them know what happened.  Grief counselors were already at the school by the time the kids arrived.  The middle school all went to the 9am Mass to pray for Mrs Morris, her family, and the whole school community.  Grief was placed within the context of our faith, which not only brought comfort and the "peace beyond all understanding", but also taught the children how to grieve.  For many of the kids, it was their first close experience with death.

Posters and memory books were created.  There were lots of talking and lots of tears for the remainder of the week, but everyone made it through.  The middle school students formed an honor guard as Mrs. Morris' casket was brought up the church steps.  She would have been so proud of her students...and I'm sure she was smiling down on all of her students, both past and present, who came to her wake and/or to her funeral to pay their last respects to a woman who meant so much to them!

I am so grateful that my children have been part of a school that has such a living faith!

With another round of young adult struggle hitting our emotional tanks hard this weekend, I have to say that this Lent has truly kicked my butt!  Involuntary penances have been flying in from all angles...and my Wonder Woman reflective wristbands are completely broken!  Watching your children suffer and being unable to fix it is such a hard thing.  I find myself reflecting often today of Mary sitting at the foot of Jesus' cross.   I know what we are going through doesn't in any way come close to the level of Mary's pain over watching her perfect child who is also the Son of God be tortured and killed....but I know she understands.  My own mother's heart is so tired from trying to offer emotional support and so broken over the emotional pain and doubt he is going through.

This Lent has truly been a walk in the desert in so many ways.  I am fervently praying that the power of the Resurrection will send in a flood of graces that wipe out much of what we have been "blessed with" this Lent!

All I can say is....Bring on Easter!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Throw back Thursday!

Does this look like a daddy that is wrapped, or what!?!  Sarah is 5 and was a flower girl:)
She looked like a princess!
Sarah has always been Daddy's little girl!

This pic is circa 2004...which would make Mike 11, Andrew 9, Jon 8 and Sarah 5.
We were at Story Land in New Hampshire.
The best part about this is proof that Andrew really does know how to smile;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday To You.....

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today is a special day!  I'll give you a starts with Ellie and ends with birthday!

Happy 11th Birthday, Ellie!

She has been excited for this day since she started counting down a month ago!  This morning, I walked out of my room and she was sitting on the couch with a huge Cheshire cat grin:)

Last night we made some chocolate cupcakes for her to take to school today.  Today also happened to be a fundraiser at she got to buy a no uniform pass!  Not to mention, one of her favorite hot lunches was being served(creamed turkey)!  Bonus!

It's not easy being Ellie.  I have mentioned before that it is a challenge to have 4 teenagers/young adult siblings that have forgotten what it was like to not be a teenager!  

Ellie is super sister to Luke and Kate.  She plays with them all the time, inventing all kinds of games to keep them occupied.  She is very patient with them....and loves them as much as they love her!

Ellie has a huge big as her blue eyes(!)... that she wears on her sleeve.  Sensitive is definitely a good adjective for her....and she is a helper with a tremendous capacity to love.  

She loves to sing and she loves to be a part of everything!

 I can't imagine our lives without her!

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Sunshine!

Yesterday was the most perfect spring day outside!  We took advantage of it!  There were walks, a little yard work, and lots of playing!

A friend of ours, Mr. Reis, brought us some new sand for Luke's sandbox.  Jay, Jon and Andrew took care of filling it.  Luke was so happy!  Luke said, "Where's Mr. Reis?  I want to give him a big hug!":)

It felt so nice being out in the sunshine.  It was one of those days that make you wish the weekend could just go on forever!

But it can' we are back to the week and all it's demands!

There's a birthday in the house this week....and Ellie can't wait for tomorrow!  She has been talking about her birthday for a couple of weeks now!  Hopefully the few surprises we planned will make it extra special:)

Here's a few pics from the weekend:)

Luke in a very full sandbox!

Peter and Kate swinging together

bike rides

Trying to be like the big kids!
 All the pics were taken with my new camera!  So far I am loving it....although it will probably take me years to learn all the features!  The best part is that even when people are moving...the shot usually comes out clear.  So, even when Andrew tries to keep me from taking his picture....
..I still get one!:) point for me!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throw Back Thursday circa 2004

Throw back Thursday!  I found a good one:)

Any other parents remember Zoids?  Jon wanted one sooooo bad.  You can see from the picture that he is just a little excited!  I think he is 8 in the picture.

I also remember that it took Jay to put together because it had 6000 pieces!!!

Ahhh....the memories:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I have neglected ye ole blog!

It has just been a little too crazy.  Last week's killer migraine really took its toll on me.  I didn't feel right for several days.  Of course, part of the reason could have been because I also came down with a uti that I got some antibiotics for on Thursday afternoon.

It was a rough week!

It was extra busy with several hours on Friday and Saturday morning at a friend's helping her to purge/pack to get ready to put their house on the market.  I was also invited to another friend's 40th birthday girls' night out party on Saturday night!  I had to take a nap each day because I just couldn't hang!

For the birthday party, we went out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and then all did a painting class that is all the rage right now.  (Mine painting was terrible!  I have absolutely no artistic talent!  But it was fun trying something new:)  The dinner was great....and it has been a really long time since I ate at a restaurant.  Jay and I are waaaayyyyy overdue for a date night.

Sunday we celebrated Jay's dad's birthday....but I still got a nap in!

Monday was a better day for me....but now I have to play catch up with everything.  You know the's aren't allotted sick days!

I'm having a hard time shaking some negativity that has been slowly creeping in.  The peace and patience I've felt lately seems to have moved out overnight and I've regressed.  Involuntary penances like the internet not working and Peter taking my cell and leaving it somewhere after Jay put it on vibrate creates that cranky, impatient person that I haven't seen all that much in a while!

Guess I have more work to do!

I don't want to be the "Debbie Downer" of the blogging world, so that's been another reason for my blog absence.  I'm trying hard today to pray for a better perspective....and I'm sure an overdue trip to Confession this weekend will give me a much needed Grace boost!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Throw back Thursday!

I randomly grabbed a handful from my bucket o' pictures and came up with these gems....

The cutie patootie in both is our very own Sarah B'Darah....that's Jay's nickname for her.  In the top pic, Sarah is sitting with Jay's mom.  Don't you love Mike's 'deer in the headlight' face!  I'm sure he will appreciate that I didn't edit him out!;)

The bottom pic is Sarah at StoryLand in New Hampshire.  I think that was our first real family vacation with just us.  Seems like it was just yesterday that she was that small.....but since she will be 15 in less than 2 months I guess that it's been just a tad longer!