Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hi!...and a little review!

It's been quite a while since I've visited my own little space in the blogosphere! June was a tough month for me! I crawled through the end of the school year feeling very burned out. The summer has been better, but busy in its own way. I'm really trying to focus on doing fun(cheap/free) things with the younger kids to make family memories and being nice to myself so I can re-energize!

Several months ago, Marianne Bell from Adventures in the Ballpark asked me to review a book that she wrote, "The Twelve Days of Christmas Adventure". This book is filled with ideas to be a blessing to someone else over the twelve days of Christmas! It's so much fun to surprise a family or individual that God puts on your heart, and Marianne gives lots of examples that her family has used over the years.

So...even though this review is incredibly overdue, it just so happens that Marianne is offering a special sale on her book that is good through Sunday! A little 'Chistmas in July' special! 😊 Even better, some of you mamas may be running out of steam and ideas to keep your kiddos occupied during summer vacation! What better way to spend some time in August then on planning and creating blessing boxes that will be ready to go come that crazy time of the year?!? Kids occupied + doing something for someone else + having blessing ready to give come December = WIN!

**Bonus: TheTwelve Days Of Christmas Adventure is only $6.99 if you snag it in July!

Head on over Here to check it all out!