About Our Chaos

I'm Michelle, but I usually go by Mom or Mommy depending on who is calling my name!   99% of the time I am a stay at home mom.(I help out at my parents' hair salon one morning a week.)  

I am a cradle Catholic who married my high school sweetheart, who is also a cradle Catholic.  Our faith grew as did our family! We have been blessed with nine children.  We have had many joyful, funny moments.  We have also had our share of tears.  Our fourth child, who was also our first daughter, was born with a genetic disorder and only lived 16 days.  Our sixth child was diagnosed with Autism when he was two and our youngest was 6 months.  When Peter was diagnosed our family got thrown into a whole new world that took a while to find some kind of balance and adjust to our "new normal".(We are still adjusting 8 years later!)

Three years ago, when we thought our lives had moved beyond the baby days, we had another boy.  I call him my bonus baby!  Two years later, our bonus, bonus baby girl arrived! 

I write about the "normal chaos" that is our life with babies, toddlers, tweens and teens.  I share about the husband I have been blessed with and our joys and struggles raising a large family.  I blog about the challenges(and rewards) of having a child with special needs and, occasionally, about our experience of losing a child.  I hope you enjoy it all!