Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keep Those Balls Juggling

I am exhausted!  Mentally, physically, emotionally...just in need of a break!

There is so much going on, all of it good(!), but it still takes a toll and it is throwing me for a loop.

Mike, Jay and I, (and Kate), went to visit one of the "finalist schools" on Mike's list yesterday.  It was a real blessing the way the day worked out...Mike's Wed. class had gotten cancelled, Jay found out he had to take a day off or he would lose it since he is switching jobs next week(!), and I was able to make appointments last minute for a campus tour, a meeting with a financial aid advisor, and an appointment with someone in the Education department, which is what he is planning to transfer into.

It was very informative and answered all of our questions...and brought up a few more that I didn't know we had to address.  If we can iron out a couple of bumps, Mike would like to end up there to finish his undergraduate degree.

Exciting!...and exhausting all at the same time!

It's been an emotionally draining week!  Jay and I have been discussing between ourselves, and with Andrew, the need for him to pick his 2nd college choice due to cost.  To graduate with $130,000 worth of loans is just not a smart move for someone that wants to pursue a teaching degree and, at least initially, would like to teach at a Catholic high school.  A difficult decision, but the consolation is that he got 3/4 of the tuition paid for from a merit scholarship at his second choice.  (And his best friend from high school is probably going to end up there, too!  Definitely a bonus!)

Can I say how proud I am of Andrew, though!  The first night after we talked he was really disappointed!  But he came home the next day telling me that his friend was probably going to go there, too, and they want to start a pro-life club!  Talk about focusing on the positive!

Now we are processing all of the information we received with Mike yesterday, and trying to do all the leg work necessary to make sure he will be able to graduate in 2 years.

....And figure out how to help him take out loans to pay for the balance!

....And Jay switches jobs at the end of this week and has to say goodbye to good co-workers and go through change, which is never easy!  (Thankfully the job he is switching to is with a company he worked for 3 years ago and there are good people there, too!)

...And it's Holy Week!

....And it's almost Easter!

...and Ellie's birthday is in a week and a half!

....and we are going on vacation with my parents in a couple of weeks!(and that requires a monumental amount of planning and packing!)

It's one of those "Stop the world I want to get off and take a nap" kind of moments!

Like I said, it's all good things!  I'm just overwhelmed!

One of the blogs I read earlier in the week..or last week...I don't know, the days are all blending into each other lately!...talked about how difficult some of the stages are in parenting.  And my thought was, "Oh, crap!  We're doing them all at the same time!"

It didn't make me feel any better!

Talking to some friends this week, I mentioned how a needy(still teething and now has a cold) baby and a needy(started with a cold and spread it to his sister) 3 year old, and 2 teenagers that are in need of a lot of attention and energy rt now definitely have a monopoly on our time!  Thankfully, the "middle kids"  are be-bopping along right now!

Although I did joke with Jon that he might have to hold off on college for an extra year because I just don't think I can do this college search again next year!

Jon joked right back, "Okay, Mom, I will just check out career opportunities at McDonalds!"

In an effort to pay at least some degree of attention to the Holy Triduum, this will be my last post of the week !
I am very much looking forward to rejoicing with the Easter season...and all the changes and opportunities that will arrive right along with it!