Friday, March 8, 2013

We made it to Friday!

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 210)

1.  A Break
Enjoying the lull in the high school sports schedule!  It's nice to have the boys home after school every day!  Jon is using the extra time to work on one of his favorite things...afternoon naps!

2.  Basketball
We are still sloshing through the girls' basketball seasons!  I know...I've been complaining too much about this!  I'm sorry...I just want a little more evening down time!  That said, I got to bring Ellie to her game on Monday.  Her team won and Ellie had the play of the game!  She had the ball on her knees, threw it up, and 'swoosh'....
Too bad I wasn't video taping!  It might have made the Sports Center Top 10!
(It's definitely a shot she will always remember!)

3.  Exercise
I actually exercised 4 times this week.  
Three times to workout videos and last time playing Just Dance with Ellie.  
It's not perfect but it's a start....I'm trying to ride the forward momentum!
(Hopefully I will see some physical benefits soon for further encouragement!)

4.  Playtime
Ellie and Sarah both had friends over yesterday.  
I made them cookie dough brownies and chicken quesadillas.
Sarah and her friends played Just Dance for hours!  
(They also hogged the game from Ellie and her friend!  But they found other fun:)

5.  Unexpected Doctor's appointment
Kate had a small rash on her belly last Friday that didn't change..or have any other symptoms with it until Tuesday am when it spread all over her.  A trip to the doctor's led to a diagnosis of a virus that she is fighting off and a warning that the rash would get worse before getting better.  Today is the first day that it seems the rash has stopped spreading and some of the spots seem to be fading.  She still has no other symptoms and the rash doesn't bother her at all.  I will feel better, though, when she no longer looks like a leopard!
(Unless she's in her leopard jammies!)

6.  Just Dance
This has been a hit in our house for several weeks.  Kate loves it, too.  When she hears the kids talk about playing she waddles into the family room and begs to be picked up to "dance with" whoever is playing.  Sometimes they just give her an extra remote and she dances on the floor right along with them!  
Super cute! 

7.  Winter continues to rear it's ugly head!

On Tuesday, I pointed out some pretty orange crocuses to Luke that were popping out of the ground.  Today, not so much! 

The bottom pic is of Jon, Sarah and Ellen building snow forts before they start a snow ball fight.  They have been building the fort for 30 minutes.  Now I'm waiting to see how long it takes for someone to come storming in the house after being pelted with snowballs in the face!