Monday, March 4, 2013

A busy Saturday!

We had a really nice weekend...which made getting back into the weekday schedule that much tougher this am!  (Truth be told, I was a little grouchy!)

Saturday was a very full day!  It started with Mass and a trip to Dunkin Donuts so Peter could have his post Mass hash brown bribe.  Then, we were home for a bit before Jay and I took Mike out for his "birthday 1:1 time".  We took him to Patriot Place for lunch at Toby Keith's bar and Grill and some shopping.

Mike is not nearly as compliant in regards to picture taking as Jon is!(Although he's better than Andrew!  I'll be lucky to get one picture with him!) 

Anyway.....lunch was very tasty!  Mike wanted to start with some loaded nachos.  (I know...they are awful for you...but they are so good!  Toby Keith's version is especially good!)  The meals there are very good as well.

The only thing that bothers me about Toby Kieth's is the waitress' "uniforms".  I've been to the restaurant a couple of times before and I don't remember all the waitresses wearing spaghetti strap tank tops.  There were a few showing off their back tattoos.  Thankfully, our waitress was covered up a bit more.  That part left me disappointed...and not all that excited to go back there regardless of the food:(

The time together was great and here are a few pics that I managed to snap with Mike's participation!

.....waiting for our table.
.....Kate looking cute while we waited for our table.
 ....Mike perusing the menu with his "Will you please stop taking pics already(!)" face.
 ....After Jon's raves about froyo Mike wanted to try it himself.
   After lunch, we spent some time in the Patriot's pro shop.  Mike picked out a new sweatshirt and then we headed to our last stop:
It's challenging for Mike to find clothes that fit well because he is 1. picky, 2. tall, 3. thin.  The LL Bean tall shirts fit him well and he likes the way they feel.(I wish they were a bit less expensive, but you can't have everything, can you!)  LL Bean is one of Jay's favorite stores too...classic clothes in classic colors!  Just right for my boring conservative husband and oldest son!  (Andrew's a lost cause, too!~sorry, Courtney!~My only hope is Jon...thankfully, he likes clothes with colors other than black, gray, navy or tan...and shoes other than sneakers!)

Mike found a few shirts that he liked.  He refused to get the casual sneakers or the casual shoes that I coerced him into trying on...they felt "weird"...UGH!!!  I cannot wait until he has a girlfriend....hopefully she can convince him to wear something other than basketball sneakers!  Oh yeah....he has a father that almost always wears running probably not!  Poor girl!

We got to have some good conversation on the way home....mainly because he was trapped in the car with us!  It seemed to go well and hopefully will sink in a little!

Since having a short conversation last week with Mike where I calmly, but firmly, called him on the young adult angst he was taking out on us, things have been much better!(Thank God!)

When we got home, Sarah surprised us with a very clean, organized house(with help from Ellie:)!  Sarah is turning into quite the young lady!  Then, Sarah made cookies for Andrew and Jon's friends that descended into our house an hour later!

Our house was a hub of excitement, with Andrew and 3 of his friends practicing for the Mr. Stang competition in 2 weeks and Mike joining in with Jon and 7 of his friends to play poker and manhunt.  It was really great watching them have a great time together.  Jay and I and the girls played Apples to Apples until Jay fell asleep and then the girls and I played Uno until Ellie went to bed.  Then, Sarah and I watched a movie.

A little extra chaos...but what's 10 extra teenagers, right?!?

I really love having all the kids here!

...and I loved that I got a short nap on Sunday with Kate!

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Laura Duarte said...

That sounds like a really fun day!!
Patriots place is a nice place to go-was the froyo at orange leaf?