Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wings Contest!

Our three oldest sons are all born in February.  For the last several years, as their gift we take them out to lunch or dinner and then go someplace fun/interesting for the afternoon without all of their younger siblings.(except a nursing baby)

With birthdays so close to Christmas, there usually isn't anything that they really need or want, so spending time doing something together has been a fun alternative.  One year we went to the Patriot's Hall of Fame and then dinner at the CBS Scene.  Another year we went out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then played games at Dave and Buster's.

This year, we got some inspiration from the TV show "The Middle" to do something separate with each of them.  Getting alone time with each child when we are so outnumbered is something we need to make a conscious effort to plan.  They need it, and we need it, too.  It's amazing how the teenagers open up when you get them 1:1.

We will be taking Mike out for his day next week since he had to wait until basketball was done.  He wants the plan to remain a mum's the word for now!

I had found something I knew Andrew would to see Bill Cosby.  (Who Andrew loves to quote).  Jay and Andrew will be attending the show in a couple of weeks.  (It's at night and too late to bring Kate out...and too close to her bedtime when she really needs mommy to leave her behind.)

For Jon, I found an advertisement for a winter festival in Newport that included a "wings contest".  Jon loves chicken wings...especially buffalo wings!  So a wings contest is right up his alley!

So Jay and I headed out with Jon and Kate today.  The wings festival was busy!  They didn't allow carriages in the ballroom where it was being held, so it was quite challenging to hold Kate in one arm, a glass of water in the other, and get the wing samples.  But we managed!;)  Towards the end, I found a quieter corner with Kate and a couple of other toddlers and their parents.

....These were the trophies....
 ...Jay  and Jon right before we went in...
 ....Action photo!...
 ...Kate nibbling a chicken wing(Don't worry!  It was an empty wing that she snagged and I took it as a photo op moment!)
 ...Jon and Kate sharing a tech moment...
 ....Jon and mom:)

There were 11 different wing contestants.   Most contestants had 2 types of wings to try.  There were a lot of buffalo wings, a couple of gold fever wings, some bbq wings, a balsamic bacon wing (different!), oriental wings, peanut sauce wings, meditteranean wings, and probably a couple more I'm forgetting!

I was torn for a favorite between O'Brien's bbq wing and Rhody Joe's gold fever wings!  In the end, I voted for the bbq wing and Jay and Jon voted for the Rhody Joe's wing.  (They haven't posted the winners, yet!)

....Jay went back for "Just one more" of his favorite Rhody Joe's wing.(He came back with 2:)

After the contest, we walked around Newport for a while.  Jon got some of his favorite things....candy!
Then, he spotted a froyo store and wanted to try it!  Kate fell asleep right before we got there so she missed out!
 ....Jon enjoyed it:)...and he ate Kate's share, too!
Then we bought some chowder to bring home for tomorrow from the Black Pearl.  We had no room left after the wings and froyo!

It was a fun day.  We enjoyed spending the (almost) one on one time with Jon.  Since tomorrow is his actual birthday, it's like he has a whole weekend to celebrate!

....more on Jon tomorrow:)