Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jon!

I'm getting to this post much later than I wanted to today!

Happy 17th Birthday, Jonathan!

I cannot believe that 17 years ago today I was holding his new, little body in my arms.  With a very quick 45 minute labor, all 7lbs. 8oz. of beautiful baby boy entered our life.

We didn't know if he was a boy or a girl before he was born because he was always "shy" during the ultrasounds.  Since we had 2 boys already, I was convinced that he was a girl!  So much so that I only had a girl's name picked out, (Abigail Caroline), and I had bought an Easter dress for "her" to wear.

When Jon was born, there was no disappointment that he wasn't a girl.  I remember how he was already crying as he was being born and I reached down to bring him onto my chest saying, "It's ok, baby, mama's here."  When I glanced at Jay, he had tears in his eyes as he watched his newest baby boy's arrival!  (And he was a very proud papa of three sons!)

Jon grew into a very chubby baby.  He was very attached to mama for quite a while!  He was always  a snuggler...which I loved.

 Look at that cute little face!

Jon was always a teaser as well!  I may have shared this before (sorry if I did!), but one of my earliest and most vivid memories of Jon is when he was around 16 or 17 months old.  Mike and Andrew were playing with their toy farm in their bedroom, when shrieking erupted.  As I walked toward the room, Jon came running out as fast as his wobbly little toddler legs would go with a toy cow in his hand and the biggest mischievous smile on his face with a look of complete glee in his eyes!

I knew then that I was in trouble with this little boy!

Jon is the kid that puts tape on the kitchen sink sprayer so that someone gets soaked.  He teases people to the point that his siblings are ready to throttle him!  His favorite target when he was younger was Mike.  Since Mike was 3 years older and so much bigger than Jon, there were times when we feared for Jon's well being!  Thankfully, he could run a lot faster than Mike!

There are also a lot of similarities between Jon and this little boy....(In a lot of ways it's like having a little Jon all over again!)  Don't Jon and Luke look a lot alike?!?

Jon still continues his teasing ways.  This past summer we visited Hershey Park and Jon came up with an interesting way to use a leftover sample piece of chocolate!

Jon is the most outgoing of our first 3 sons.  We jokingly call him "Mr, President".  He can start conversations with anyone and is super personable.

 (Jon loves the Patriots!)

Jon can also fall asleep anywhere.  He certainly enjoys napping!  He is known to fall asleep in the middle of family parties if he sits in one spot for too long.  His brothers say that he has controlled narcolepsy!

Jon is an easy going, spiritual kid.  He is involved in lots of clubs and sports at school.  Jon will be the varsity goalie in soccer next year, is on the varsity basketball team, and also plays on the newly formed volleyball team.  Jon is an alter server at our church and is very involved in the youth group, too.

So far, his teenage years have been very easy....and I hope that continues!  Jon is a hard worker and is just an overall enjoyable kid to be around!

Lest I make him sound like a saint, he does have one major weakness....he is a slob!  His room looks like it could be on an episode of Hoarders!  (Yes, Jon, I went there!)

 He's also a huge Notre Dame fan!

Other than the slob part, he is a great kid that is turning into a great young man!  Jay and I are really proud of him.

Happy 17th Birthday, Jon!  We love you:)