Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Special Milestone

This weekend was great!

Saturday was a very full day!  Most of us started with Mass to celebrate the 5 first Saturday's devotion.  After a few minutes to chat with friends, we arrived back home to start cleaning for a very special celebration on Sunday......Peter's First Communion!

This is an extra special moment in our lives because Peter is reaching a milestone that we weren't sure he would get to for a very long time.  We had been working with him on and off for the last year to try and prepare him to receive his first communion.  Some days he seemed to 'get it' and other days not so much.

Last weekend at Mass, he was being very vocal about the Eucharist during the consecration.  Jay and I both felt it was a sign that he was ready.  After Mass, three other people mentioned the same thing to us.  After a quick meeting with our Pastor, we planned for Peter to receive First Communion.

Peter has been very excited to receive communion. He is also very excited that we were having a little party afterwards and Jay's mom was making him cake!

Peter did a great job!  Many people had tears in their eyes as they watched Peter receive the Eucharist for the very first included!  I'm so grateful that he is ready, and I'm excited for the new graces it will bring into his life!

Reaching milestones is extra special for a child like Peter.  We are more appreciative of the 'neurotypical' milestones he reaches...even when those milestones are reached several years later than his siblings.  We are grateful that he is reaching them at all!

It gives me(and Jay) so much encouragement and hope to see Peter moving forward!