Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fun With Luke

I have been thoroughly enjoying Luke the past several days!  He has hit a new language/cognitive stage that is just so incredibly cute.

For example, potty training is still a 'no-go' with Luke.  (pun intended!)  He is just not interested.  I have tried incentive...picking out new underpants, getting a truck sticker book that he gets to use if he goes potty, encouraging him to go potty.  He's still not interested.

My parents have upped the ante and told Luke that when he starts using the potty and wearing underpants that they will bring him to Toy's R Us and let him pick out a new truck.  Luke loves trucks!  But even though we keep reminding him of the offer, potty training really isn't on his radar.


This morning, Jay was talking to Lukie about using the potty again.  This is how the conversation ended.
Jay:  OK, Lukie.  Daddy uses the potty, too.  I'm going to use the potty now.
Luke:  You want to get a new truck?

It's just hysterical the way he makes connections in his head.  I love the sweet little voice and all of the expressions he makes.  I love that he's a very affectionate little boy, too.  He daily tells me at some point in the day, "Mommy, let's snuggle!"

I'm very thankful that his terrible threes did not last the entire year!

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