Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Out

I got the opportunity today I have been trying to fit into my opportunity to exercise!  (I do appreciate the encouragement, Colleen!:)

My friend Mary and I did a Latin dancing exercise video.  This was her choice...quite challenging and I know that I looked pretty ridiculous since I am neither Latin or in any way have ever been a dancer!  Mary is a dancing queen so maybe hanging with her will rub off on me a little.

Thankfully, looking good does not equal calories burned!

Sometimes I feel resentful that it is so easy for Jay to get away and do things with the older kids...or by himself.

Let me give a little example.  This past weekend Jay went on a 2 hour drive to visit his grandfather with Jon and Mike and then spent a couple of hours at a big tool show that they use as bonding time.  All he had to do before he left was shower, wake the boys up, and make breakfast for himself.

This weekend, I am getting several hours away to go shopping at an outlet mall 45 minutes away.  Besides showering and eating breakfast, I need to:

  • Make sure Kate is changed and dressed for the day.  (Otherwise, she will very likely still be in her jammies when I get home in the late afternoon.)
  • Make sure Luke is changed and dressed.(same reason)
  • Help Peter brush his teeth and put deodorant on or remind Jay to do it.
  •  Tell Jay what to feed Luke and Kate and Peter for lunch.
  • Set up who will pick up Jon at basketball for 1.
  • Set up who will pick Sarah up a basketball practice at 10.
  • Make sure that everyone knows if there are any specific chores that need to be done before I get back.
It's just not easy for a mom to get out of the house...especially with little ones!

I've been pretty burned out lately.  It's been too long since I've gotten any alone time on a regular 3 and a half years.  Which, coincidentally, is the same amount of time I've been nursing....almost 3 1/2 years straight.  Both Luke and Kate have been clingy kids with separation struggles.  I know that this time is fleeting...all I have to do is look at the 6'4" almost 20 yo in my house....but, sometimes, it can feel like it will last forever.  

And that all I do is laundry, dishes and nursing!  

Jay is a great husband and dad.  He does way more than his fair share around here after working so hard at work all day.  He is all for me getting some alone time...after all, what hubby wants a burned out, cranky wife?

Sometimes, I feel angry that he can get away so easy and that I am "stuck" at home.  It feels unfair that I can't even get an hour off but he can go off for a weekend with the teenagers and not worry about what's going on at home.(except that his wife might be losing her mind!)

Honestly, I wouldn't want to leave my babies for a whole weekend!  All I want is a couple of hours to re-charge and it's frustrating that out of the 168 hours in a week, I can't manage to find a few hours of alone time!(Or sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time!)

I am looking forward to Saturday very much!  In February, when basketball season winds down, there is going to be some serious "Mom time" that is going to be scheduled in the calendar!

I so need it!