Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sharing Enough

Sunday was the start of Catholic schools week.  The great homily given at Mass that day by Deacon Dave made me think about my own Catholic School education in the very same elementary school my kids attend.

I went through 9 fairly uneventful years.  There was not a lot of drama, I had a good class, and it was a good experience overall.  There wasn't much spiritual depth, though.

It wasa very different environment compared to what my kids experience today.  I've been involved in the school as a parent quite a while....since 1997 when Michael started preschool.  Except for 1999-2001 when I homeschooled, (It was good, especially for Andrew, but I was definitely not called to do it long term!), we have had multiple children at the school.  (The most we had in at one time was 4!)

I've seen the changing of principals and of Pastors.  The school has continued to grow and get better and better...both academically and spiritually.  In the last couple of years in particular, the faith focus has been tweaked to include many new, positive aspects.

I see an environment that helps to bring our faith into every aspect of their time there.  I think the essence of the changes lead the kids to a living faith  It's a faith that is not segmented to a Church, or a prayer, but a faith that can become a part of each child's everyday moments.  (If they choose to embrace it!)

Deacon's homily also got me thinking about how I have been nourishing that living faith at home.  Being a large part French Canadian, I have learned to be very somewhat controlled with my emotions and any experiences that cause emotions.  To have a living faith, and share my own relationship with God with my family, opening up and sharing emotion is a necessity.

So....this is something (else) I need to work on.  It fits in with my newly found inspiration word for the year; Enough.  Is my relationship with God deep enough?  Do I share the ways that God works in my life enough with my kids so that they see how God can intercede in even the little, mundane, everyday, seemingly unimportant moments?

If I share enough, hopefully it will teach and encourage them to seek out the ways God works in their lives, too...even the little ways!  If I had understood more of what I do now when I was in elementary school I could have been a much less selfish, happier person!

Although my kids all have their moments of "twirpishness", I am so proud of the people they are becoming!  They are definitely better people than I was at their ages....and I know that's because of the blessings of having a close relationship with God.