Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mom's Day Off!

Today was such a fun day!

I got (most of) the day off!  I have sooo needed this!

My friend, Mary, and I shopped til we dropped.  Well, maybe not dropped, but we were pretty tired.  (Plus, we ran out of money:)

We went to a large outlet mall less than an hour from our homes.  We went into a bunch of different stores, had a nice lunch, the went into a bunch more stores....and we got some great deals.

I love to shop!  It was especially enjoyable shopping with 2 hands, eyes, and ears.  I didn't have to carry anyone, make sure kids weren't escaping the carriage, or touching things they shouldn't.  It was soooo nice!

Although, I wish that I had brought the carriage to put our bags in! But hey, it was a little extra exercise:)

One of the things that made me laugh, was the line of yawning men with eyes glazed over waiting against a wall or window for their wives or girlfriends to finish their shopping at just about every store we went into!

Although, by the end of the day I wish that I had brought my own "bored man" to lug the bags back to the car for us!

I had some Christmas gift money I had received and squirreled away.  Jay very generously slipped me some extra money before I left the house, too.  So I got to shop quite a bit.

Mostly, I was looking for shirts since I had a real need for them.  I also found a skirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, and a purse.

I did really well focusing on myself until we spotted the Disney Store and I made the mistake of going inside.....

I couldn't resist!  Kate will look so cute in her Minnie swim suit and sun hat for a family vacation my parents are taking us on to Florida in the spring.(I can't wait!)

The home front did just fine without me.  My wonderful husband not only spent the day taking care of the kids, but he also made an awesome roasted chicken dinner!  At this moment, he is making homemade chicken broth which will then become chicken soup.(And it will probably be completely eaten by the end of the day tomorrow!)

He is definitely Super Dad!

It has been such a great weekend so far!  I got to go out for coffee with a friend last night...and shopping with another friend today!  So great:)

.....and tomorrow....GO PATS!!!

I have really needed a break for quite a long time.  I think that "burned out" mom won't be making an appearance for a while!