Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's My Focus?

Here is proof that I am not a first time mom....

Most first time moms would grab their wobbly 1 year old as soon as they noticed she had climbed onto the dishwasher.  Me...I went to get the camera.:)

A challenge was posed by Kristi at Must Love God today about sharing what we need to work on this year in order to help hold us accountable.  Apparently, there's also a buzz about choosing one word to concentrate on and make it your focus of the year.

Just not feeling that.....

But, I do have plenty to work on this year!  There is the clutter around me on the outside and the clutter around my insides, too.

Based on the way the year has begun, I think my focus will at least begin on my need to acknowledge that I have needs to and it's ok to have them.  I will work on adding my needs to the family calendar along with everyone else's.  I will also work on listening to God's prompting in my heart to ask for...and accept help... when I need it.

I also want to work on being more social after a year of being mostly homebound or at least tied to a nursing baby.  Nursing is so worth the sacrifice, but I am also looking forward to a little "unattached" time now that Kate is a little bigger and able to stay with Daddy and her Grandmas.  (Plus, it gives them special time with her, too!)

I want to focus on my health a little, too, and try to lose this extra baby weight that has been hanging on for the last couple(or 20) years.  I just want to feel good about myself while I'm still in my 30's.  (17 months and counting...shiver, shiver!)

Gee....sounds a little 'me, me, me', huh?

Well, I guess I will also work (really hard) to ask God to guide my give to others in the everyday stretch beyond my comfort point when He inspires me love with all I have.....and to ask for, seek, and accept, the moments He will give me to recharge so that I will have even more to give!