Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grown-Up Lunch

I got to act like a grown up today and go to lunch with other grown-ups!  My sister invited me to the community college where she works, (and where Mike goes to school), to attend the special Thursday lunches that their culinary program puts on every spring.  Today's country theme was France...and it did not disappoint!

After a homemade roll, our very friendly student-waitress brought us some french onion soup.  It smelled as good as it tasted.  The salad was very fancy with lettuce, tomatoes, and blue cheese cut very small and placed within a long thin strip of cucumber wrapped in a circle.

I chose the chicken in wine sauce as my entree and it was served with some very yummy au gratin potatoes and peas.  Dessert was especially good...a mudslide torte filled with chocolate mousse.

I have been able to go to one of the spring lunches for the last three years!  My sister and her co-workers are fun to eat with.  One of her co-workers has 4 children who are college age and a little older.  I enjoy talking to her and gleaning her experience for that particular stage in life...and it's nice to see that she has survived it!

When the girls came in the house, they asked me why I was dressed fancy.(i.e. not wearing sweats or jeans and a t-shirt).  I reminded them that I had gone to lunch with Auntie Melissa for French inspired food.

Ellie's excited response, "Did you get french fries!?!"