Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Angst

I know there is a side of Valentine's Day that includes roses, candy, and special treats.  My day actually included all of those things!  (Thanks, Honey, the roses are beautiful!)

Valentine's Day can also include a lot of angst!  We've had a lot of that around here, too.

Watching a couple that is close to us go through a separation is very painful.  It is ironic that on a day that is meant to bring couples together, a marriage is taking a break.

There is angst for a son who has not had a girlfriend.  Valentine's Day is like a slap in the face since everywhere he turns is a reminder of what he doesn't have....yet!  I really believe that God is just protecting him in a special way...and I know that he will meet someone once he gets to college next year and actually has time to do something besides play basketball!  But, that's no consolation for him right now.

Another son has angst because, although he has a girlfriend, she had too many tests to study for tonight and couldn't get together.

I have to admit that my heart is hurting for the broken marriage.  I'm not feeling very celebratory when two people that we are so close to are hurting so much.

Another Valentine's Day bummer.....3 basketball games tonight!!! I mean, really!?!  At first we thought there was just one, so Jay and I were going to go to the game together.  Not a whole lot of romance watching a bunch of sweaty teenage boys running up and down the court, but at least we would be together.

Then we found out that both the girls had games.  The girls' games are at the same place but one was at 6:00 and the other at 7:30.  Jon's is at the high school at 6:30!  Ugh!

So, Jay raced home, ate dinner standing up, and raced out the door to get Ellie to her game.  After Ellie's game, they both went to Jon's game.  Jay's dad took Sarah to her 7:30 game.

When Jay gets home it will be around 9:30.  Our romantic moment will be falling asleep on the couch next to each other 10 minutes after we both sit down.....

Good thing love isn't just about a day!