Friday, September 14, 2012


I decided to try the 5 minute Friday flash mob again.....How it works is they give you a writing prompt and I write for only five minutes on whatever comes to mind.

Today's writing prompt:  FOCUS goes...

Sleep deprivation gives me a lack of focus.  Too much multitasking gives me a lack of focus.  I try to juggle so many balls in the air that I forget what I'm even juggling after a while.  They just go by in a whirl as I try not to drop something important.

Where should my focus be....definitely my family.  But even deeper than focus should be on Him.  Because God has all the difficult phases with kids, to financial worries, to organization woes, to what I really need.....

If I focus on Him....then I have more peace.  That doesn't change the fact that bills need to be paid, or laundry done, or the need to carpool all over the place, or make dinner, or do dishes.....but it gives me more peace within the tasks.  Each of these(and more) is a part of life and is life giving and important.

Focus on the step I'm matter if that step is in the car or in the laundry room.  Soak up each moment because each is a gift.  Focus on the now and do my part and Let Him work out the tomorrows.


Five Minute Friday