Monday, September 24, 2012

School Memories

Ellie is in fourth grade this year.  Fourth grade is a big year.  Fourth and fifth grades are like gateway years between being one of the little kids but not quite a junior high student.

My fourth grade year was a rather rocky one.  I never felt like the teacher really liked me.  Maybe that was just my perception.  Though even my mom noticed....she always said it was because I was taller than the teacher.  (I was a quick grower and she was very small).

Regardless, it definitely made for a more difficult year.  The work was harder.  It was the first year that I didn't get straight A's.  I felt like my teacher didn't like me...which was very hard for a people pleasing person like myself.

There was also a lot going on at home that year.  My mother was starting her own business...a tanning salon, which was very trendy in the 80's.  My father, who owns his own hair salon, spent countless hours visiting salons and talking to other owners...sometimes dragging me and my sister around to visit the different salons.  It was SO boring.

Since my mother handles stress so well, (insert eye roll here!), there was a lot of stress and arguing that went on.  At one point, I started to worry that they were going to get a divorce.  When I eventually spilled my fears to my dad, it surprised him and I think helped them to reign in the emotions and realize how much everything was affecting the family.  I can still picture myself asking him if they were getting a divorce when I was helping him make his bed one day.  

I broke my ankle that year, too.  My class was heading out to recess.  I was the line leader that day.  The person behind me bumped me as we were heading down the stairs.  I missed the last few steps and twisted my ankle.  I remember crying out as I sat down and grabbed my ankle.  I looked up and saw my teacher looking at me.  Then she just turned around and walked back inside.  She thought I had jumped off the steps.  One of the other kids had to go back in and get her.

Like I said before, fourth grade was a tough year.  I'm sure there were some good moments, too.  I think the tough memories just eclipsed the good!