Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Special Husband

I have been blessed with a husband who cares completely about his family.  He works incredibly hard to provide us with a home, and food, and clothing(even the occasional splurge at Gymboree), and school for the kids...and gas for the cars to get the aforementioned kids to the multiple sporting events and practices they are involved in!  (Plus a slew of other bills that always seem to keep coming just when you thought we were caught up and could put a little extra aside!)

Jay manipulates his (already crazy) schedule to make it to all of Mike, Andrew and Jon's home meets/games and all the away ones that aren't too far.  His evenings are spent playing on the floor with little ones who are ready for their "daddy time" the minute he walks through the door.

He helps with dishes, bath time(so not my favorite time of day), de-cluttering, and even does the occasional grocery shopping with me.(We have to sneak together time in somewhere!)

He loves all of us so much that he is a frequent occasional worrier...especially when work gets a little low.  God always provides other opportunities, but it definitely makes life more of a scramble when he has to do per diem for one, or even two, companies after his main job.  He always manages to tie it all together...not easy with the weight of our large family on his shoulders!

Many years ago a priest had told me that God's love for me was evident in my life in a special way.....because of the husband He blessed me with.  I couldn't agree more!