Saturday, September 29, 2012

A New Step

We began a new adventure visits.  Mike will be graduating from Jr. College and Andrew will be graduating from high school so we get to do two kids at if doing this with one isn't hard enough!  There are 4 colleges that Mike is considering and Andrew is considering 2 so far.  The next six weekends will be extra full with open houses and applications!

We visited Framingham State College with Mike today.  It's not too far away from home, which is nice.  He would have to dorm but could come home easily enough.  The college is fairly small but has a good education program.  It's also a division III school so Mike is hoping for a chance to make their basketball team.(That's one of Mike's highest criteria.)

Walking around the campus was surreal.  I don't think I will ever be ready to really let go of my kids.  I worry so much about them being responsible with all the independence that going away to college will bring.

 "For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole worldand lose himself.(Luke 9:24)"

I want Mike, and Andrew, to learn and grow and be a part of something that will take them to the next stage of their lives.  I want the path that brings them to adulthood to be positive and smooth and character building...but I'm so worried about the choices they will make in the face of temptations away from the stability and expectations of our family.

I found myself close to tears a few times as we walked around looking at the places that Mike could potentially spend the majority of the next 2 years of his life.  I kept praying...asking God to help Michael to be where he is meant to be.  I trust that God has a plan for Mike and I don't want to get in the way of that plan.

It's a tricky balance between guidance and control sometimes, especially when so much is at stake!

And how did the little boy that wanted nothing more than to sit in my lap and twirl my hair grow into a 6'4" almost 20 year old man on the verge of independence?

This letting go is SO hard!

On a lighter, funnier note....
We left the younger kids, except Kate who came with us, with Jon and Andrew.  It turns out that Luke had a very messy diaper and Sarah was gone at the time helping with a youth group task.  So the older boys got Ellie..who has never changed a poopy diaper change Luke!

Then...(yes, there's more)...I left them money to get pizza for lunch.  Jon wanted a bbq chicken pizza from one place and Andrew wanted cheese pizza from a different place.  (They got Jay to ok it by text without explaining everything to him....I wanted them to go to a completely different place that would have been cheaper but my text to them wasn't received until they had "already ordered"! Hmm...not so sure about that...)

Anyway, because they went to 2 places they were short $5 that neither of them have.  So, they got Ellie to throw in $5 and then Jon ate all the bbq chicken pizza without giving her any!  Really?  What a couple of bozos!

Jay gave Ellen back her $5 and Jon sheepishly admitted he should have shared some of the pizza with her.(Ya think!?!)

I'm writing this story down so that Ellie has proof that it happened and can use it to embarrass her brothers in front of their wives and children someday!  Sometimes having older brothers isn't easy!