Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"We Snuggle?"

Every morning I wake up between two people(and neither of them are my husband!).  On Tuesdays, when I try to drag myself out of bed a little earlier so its not so crazy getting ready for work, I try so hard to disengage myself from little legs and arms that are touching me without waking them up.  Then, I try to sit up and climb off the bed without waking either of them.  I try to walk quietly out of the room and say a quick good morning to Jon, who is dressed and usually watching sports highlights on ESPN while he's waiting for school.  My hope is to let him listen for Luke and Kate while I get a quick shower and a jump on my morning.

This morning, I was halfway across the living room when I heard, "Mommy!", from Luke calling from my bedroom.  So I stopped, and took a deep breath, and realized I would have to move to Plan B.  I heard another, "Mommy, where are you?"  from the bedroom.  Then I heard Luke talking in his extra high pitched voice he uses with Kate, "Hiiiiii", and "Baby Kate you awake".  So, I took another deep breath and walked into my room, where Kate was pushed up on her arms laying on her belly and Luke is laying in front of her smiling.

Luke looked up and saw me.  "Mommy, you here!", in his soft, squeaky voice.  "We snuggle?"

And how could I say no?

So I laid down next to him and he molded his little body close to me with a big smile on his face.  I looked at his chubby little cheeks and his chubby little hands and his little arms wrapped around me.  Luke is just.so.sweet.

Even though I didn't get a jump start on my day, I started my day in the best way!  I wouldn't trade that special snuggle time for anything!