Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Summer is moving ahead at 100 mph!!!  That's the way it feels like around here.  Don't get me wrong, it's all good stuff...camps, time with friends...but I'm tired already!  Waiting up for a teenager to come home last night didn't help either.  Trying to negotiate a curfew for a 19 year old that gives him some independence...and let's us get some NOT an easy task.

I feel like I'm at the beach...we are enjoying body surfing in the waves(activities) and the waves just keep coming one after the other!

The planning and organizing and coordinating of activities and schedules takes a lot of work...and there's still the laundry, dishes and meal planning that has to happen, too!

I made my first scheduling mistake of the summer today.  I planned most of my week around a planetarium exhibit for Ellen at the library.  We showed up this morning at the library at the right time was yesterday!  Ugh!!!  Poor Ellie was so disappointed.  I could tell she was trying not to cry :(  Bad parent moment #1 for the day.

Honestly, I just want to stay home for an entire day and catch up on cleaning...and hopefully take a nap:)'s not going to happen today.  This afternoon, I'm picking up Andrew from the leadership retreat he's been at all week.  I am looking forward to having all my kids back in the least for a couple days.  Two or three of them are going to the Vineyard with my parents this weekend after we have a clam boil to celebrate my sister's birthday!  Like I said before...all fun stuff but busy, busy, busy!  (When I say "busy, busy, busy" I hear the voice of the magician from Frosty the snowman!:)

Jay has the week off next week.  Hooray!  Nothing big planned, but it will just be nice to have extra time together:)  I want to spend some time today or tomorrow planning a couple of small outings.  I'm thinking the local oceanarium.  I also want to spend some time planning a fun menu for the 4th.  I'm also making stuffed quahogs(my grandmother's recipe) and trying my hand at a homemade ice cream cake for my sister's birthday party. Trying to make things special takes time!

Did I mention that I really want to take a nap, too?!?