Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beware of Pigeon Poop!!!

Some days are better than others.  Yesterday was an "other" day!  It was one of those I am the  kind of days.  I could NOT pull it together yesterday...and the extremely hot weather kept throwing me over the edge.  I do not do well with heat....and that's an understatement.(Just ask my kids!)

When Jay came home last night to our 88 degree house the first thing he did was put in the air conditioners to soothe the savage beast...I mean to help his wife feel more comfortable.  Things were better after that.

I apologized to everyone today.  It was too crazy a day with too many drop offs and pick ups and not enough laundry and dishes.  I really kept trying to pull in the reins and realize that I was not in a great place but it just seemed that I was yelling or crying every hour.  Not one of my stellar moments for sure:(

Thankfully, today is a new day.  It's much cooler inside:)  And I have many less pick ups and drop offs with the kids today.

Last night I was reading the latest Good Housekeeping Magazine and there was an article by Gretchen Rubin about the "pigeons of discontent", which she describes as "an ordinary problem that has settled into roost."  In order to live a happier life we need to try to "identify these pigeons and find ways to shoo them away."  She listed six of the most common ones...and I could relate to all of them!  Not a good sign!

Then I started visualizing these "pigeons"...and thought of all their noisy "cooing" and all their poop!  I do not need the poop of six pigeons all over me! (Kate and Luke supply quite enough as it is!)

That got me laughing on the inside!

I got thrown off track yesterday.  I'm going to keep moving forward today.  I don't have my house clean yet, or the laundry caught up, or the next few days completely organized in regards to everyone's schedules of work, camp, games, etc....but I will get there.

I plan to enjoy my children more today in the midst of the chores.  Hopefully, they will enjoy me more today, too, and won't be running for cover!

Otherwise, I'm calling in reinforcements..........
.....Or my good friends, Ben and Jerry!