Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday?

Today is my 38th birthday:).  I'm not sure how 38 years have managed to go by!  (I definitely know the children who have caused my many gray hairs!)

Jay has planned for weeks to take today off so we could spend the day together.  He arranged a sitter for Luke and Peter was supposed to start camp at the Y.  We were supposed to go out for a day that included lunch and shopping.  I say "supposed" to because both Jay and Peter are sick today.:(

So plans have changed.  But that's life.  I'm grateful that I got to sleep until 7:15 today!  I'm grateful I got to have a lazy morning taking care of Kate and reading a book.  I'm grateful I had some time to clean up two corners of my room(halfway to all clean!).  I'm hoping to do a few errands and bring Jon for some new shorts this afternoon.  Not the kind of shopping that was planned but something that needs to be done nonetheless.  I do love getting things crossed off my to-do list!  That's a gift all in itself! :)