Friday, June 8, 2012

Field Trip!!!

I was able to go with Sarah on her class field trip to the Newport Mansions today.  We went to Rosecliff and The Breakers.  They are incredible!  There is so much architectural detail.  You can almost imagine men and women, dressed in formal attire, dancing in the ballroom!  It's amazing to think of people living in such elegance.  

Sarah was loving it.  One of the volunteers mentioned that people can rent out the space for parties and wedding receptions.  Her eyes lit up.  Sarah started talking about how beautiful wedding pictures would be on the decorative staircase!  (Uh-oh...we better start saving now!)

The weather today was perfect...sunny and warm with a nice breeze.  I love watching the ocean..and the views from the mansions were just amazing!
Can you imagine waking up to this view?

It was nice to be able to spend some special time with Sarah.

It was fun being with Sarah and her friends.  They were all so in awe with everything they saw.  It was fun to watch their expressions in each of the rooms as they looked at the details and listened to the descriptions of the rooms' function and special stories of the people that once lived there.

It was a really nice day:)

According To Denise


Denise said...

That sounds like a wonderful day

Paloma said...

Sounds wonderful! And peaceful enough to "Calm anybody's Crazy" ;) ... Very cool pictures, love the view of the ocean too!