Sunday, May 6, 2012

Too Close to The Edge

Do you remember the alpine mountain climbing game on the Price Is Right?  It's the one where there's a climber dressed in suspenders that yodels as he climbs up the mountain for every dollar the person playing is off from the correct price of a random product.  If the climber doesn't plummet off the top of the mountain the person playing wins the prize.  Is this ringing a bell for you?

Anyway, I had "one of those days" yesterday.  I felt that I was that climber at the edge of the cliff all day!  I had no patience for anything or anyone!  Every time something happened, there I went, crashing over the edge.  It was not a good day for me.

I started out my day doing an exercise video..which is great.  It was a good start.  Then, I sat down at the computer to work on my blog profile.  To be more exact, I had to create my blog profile.  On Saturday night I was reading an article I found on the Sits Girls Blogger website about the top ten no no's for blogging.  One of the 10 was not having a profile.(I wrote them all down...I was guilty of several!)

I headed over to my blog and realized my profile was pic, no info,zip, zilch, get the idea. So, Saturday morning I sit down, pull up a picture,(check), and begin writing a very thorough background explanation of who I am.  I finished, pressed save, returned to the home screen, and...nothing!  It was gone!  All that time and work just disappeared to wherever it goes....the computer world black hole.

I was frustrated.(understatement)

So, I did the mature thing and went and cried in the shower...allowed myself a little pity party..then ate breakfast, threw in a load of laundry, took a deep breath and tried again.  Computer queen I am not!

It turns out that I overestimated the 1200 character limit and did not scroll down to where the warning was when I tried it the first time.  So, I started deleting...and deleting and deleting.  Finally, I got the idea to write it in Word to get the count.(I had to google how to do that since my older children were all out of the house...I really meant it about my lack of computer savvy!)  I ended up rewriting the bulk of it because 1200 characters is really short...I guess there are some things about me that aren't meant to be in a profile!  After cutting and pasting(I can do a little more than turn the computer on), my profile was created!  Hooray.

Peter and Luke were doing their rough play/screaming/ends up with someone getting hurt antics AGAIN while I was trying to figure out the f....rustrating computer.  My responses were less than patient.  If Peter wasn't annoying Luke, he was trying to sneak food from the kitchen.  (Jay was at Ellie's softball game so it was just me, Kate, Luke and Peter.)  It probably wasn't the best time for computer work but I really wanted to figure it out to calm my feelings of failure.  The trade off was that I was yelling at my children which was triggering my "bad mother syndrome".(sigh)

You would think that finishing my profile would have made me feel better and take me away from the emotional edge of the cliff.  Unfortunately, not so:(...I still felt grumpy.  Peter continued to aggravate the screaming/wrestling/hurting cycle continued.  Then Luke pushed an entire watermelon off the counter on the floor...and, yes, it cracked and juice leaked all over the floor just when we had to leave to go get Andrew at school.

I haven't had one of those screaming Mommy days in a while.  Thankfully, the drive to get Andrew had a calming affect on me and the rest of the afternoon went more smoothly.  The day ended on a happy note when we had our friends and their kids over for a cookout.(And the cookout included wine and chocolate!)  While we were talking, it turned out that she had a tough day too.  We determined it must have been caused by the "Super Moon" that occurred last night.  Apparently the moon was the closest it will get to the earth this year.(So if you had a tough day yesterday feel free to blame it on that!)

Thankfully, today is a new day.  I am happy to say that I am no longer in screaming Mommy mode:)...the rest of my family is relieved too!


Adrienne said...

I had one of these weeks last week! I'm hoping tomorrow beings something different.

Jenni Ryan said...

I feel you!!! I have those sometimes too. Things just go haywire and I'm yelling and grumpy... all well known ;) Glad you got your profile up and that the drive calms you (I too cry in the shower sometimes ;) it's my venting place) New follower coming from the blog hop

wegotkidz said...

Girl I feel you too! I have days like that often. You're not alone! lol. Just stopping through from the "make your morning" blog hop trying to make your morning ;)
Love the blog!
,from your newest fans over at We Got Kidz :D

J. B. Everett said...

Visiting from the blog hop -- My son is a teenager now. Trust me. It gets better :) Ice cream helps. These days I'm recommending Breyers Malted Milk Ball.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Visiting from blog hop and newest follower. Hope for a follow back! :)

in the coop said...

There really should be a fence along that edge. I too have gone over it more than once.

Michelle said...

lol!....We should create an "Over the Edge" Club....the members would be endless!