Monday, May 21, 2012

The Calm After the Storm

"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous, small treats."

~Iris Murdock

This quote was in my email this morning from The Happiness Project.  It was particularly appropriate for me today because Jay ended up staying home.  It was a happy surprise and definitely a treat.

Emotionally it was a tough weekend.  Even though we know that Therese's birthday is always a heavy day for us, we had some added stress of Peter being off the wall after many dietary infractions from my Grandmother's 93rd birthday on Saturday and Ellie had a project due on Monday and I was struggling to deal with it all.  Jay was, as usual, much more level headed.  But the anniversary was really affecting him a lot too.  We both felt emotionally beat up.

It was nice just to spend time talking today.  It's amazing the difference a day makes.  Yesterday I felt like I was fighting a threatening emotional tornado.  Everything feels so much calmer today.  It's also amazing how much a date can stir up feelings even after 14 years!

Yesterday afternoon, Jon was inducted into the National Honor Society.  We are very proud of him and the break to go to the ceremony was a good thing for both me and Jay.  Mike and Sarah stayed home with Ellie, Peter and Luke.  They all cleaned the house as a surprise while we were gone.  I think it was their way of trying to take some pressure off of us and it was very much appreciated!

The rest of the day was better and bedtime was very welcome!  Kate was having one of those snuggle nights and I was perfectly happy bringing her into bed with me.  I am so grateful that she is healthy and so blessed that she was given to us.  

I'm looking forward to a week that will(hopefully) be much calmer emotionally!(I'm sure the rest of my family is looking forward to that too!)