Thursday, May 24, 2012

All About Andrew

My son, Andrew, has mentioned to me on a couple of occasions that he has been mentioned in my blog less than his siblings.  So I decided that today's post would be "All About Andrew."  (Don't worry, won't be about everything...especially about a certain special someone that you don't want me to blog least not today!;)

Andrew is our second son.  He was born a little ornery....spent the first few months being pretty colicky...and always enjoyed quiet places.  (Pretty ironic considering our household is almost never quiet!)

Andrew is very smart.  He would memorize how to spell long words, like elephant, when he was only three.  Andrew would come to us and ask how to spell a word.  We would spell it for him.  Then he would ask us to spell it again.  After we spelled it a second time he would repeat it back to us and "click", it was in his head for good.

Andrew also taught himself to read when he was four.  We realized he could read when we drove past a milk truck one day and he read the advertisements on the side.  He certainly surprised us that day!

Andrew has also been blessed with the "math gene" from my husband's side of the family.  Mike would be doing his first grade math homework out loud at the table(3 + 5=) and Andrew, who was 4, would yell out the answer from the living room before Mike had a chance to answer it himself.  Mike would get so mad and yell at him, "Andrew, that's my homework!"

Andrew's passion was dinosaurs.  He knew everything there was to know about every type of dinosaur: their names, the period they lived in, all their characteristics, etc.  He would get so mad at us when he would "quiz" us on dinosaur facts and we honestly didn't know the answer.  Andrew thought we were just teasing him.

We were in Disney World when Andrew was 5.  We were in Epcot taking a break for lunch.  Andrew was telling Jay and my brother-in-law, Matt, all about the first mammal called the Dinotherium, which was a distant relative of the elephant.  Jay and Matt were humoring him but thought he was getting things confused...neither had ever heard of any such animal.

We went on the Universe of Energy ride right after lunch.  Part of the ride involves going back in time and seeing an incredible, realistic scene from dinosaur times.  Then, when we are supposed to be heading back to the present, a radio announcer is describing certain scenes in time from the dinosaur times to the present.  Well, wouldn't you know, that one of the things that was mentioned was the arrival of the first mammal, called the Dinotherium, who was a distant relative of the elephant!  Jay and Matt looked at Andrew very surprised...and Andrew just had this giant grin on his face and said,"See, I told you!"