Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seeing In The Dark

Last night around 10:45 the power in our neighborhood went out.  Pitch darkness enveloped our house and silence replaced the sounds of the Celtics game my husband and sons had been watching. Cell phone screens were used as flashlights to lock up the house and get ready for bed.

Luke was restless even earlier than usual last night so he was already in my bed when the power went out.  I was laying in my bed between Kate and Luke in the darkness.  I was feeling very vulnerable and thinking how isolating true darkness can feel when we are so used to connection in this technologically driven world.

Luke started stirring and he reached out to feel my face with his hand to make sure it was me(Usually we have a nightlight).  He settled back into sleep with his pudgy little hand on my arm for a little extra assurance that Mom was there....

My hand was on Kate's belly feeling it go up and down with every breath she took.....

They are so sweet and so little and changing so fast.  I wanted to etch this memory on my heart so that it stays forever!  It was one of those moments when I wish time could stop, or at least slow way down so that they could stay small for just a while longer.