Thursday, May 17, 2012


Today will be a much lighter post!  Delving into the past can be painful and it's best done in small increments!  I really wanted to honor our daughter's memory since Sunday would have been her 14th birthday.  It's amazing to me that it's been 14 years.  Yet, when I stop and let myself revisit that painful time in our lives, it's like it was just yesterday!  Writing about her keeps her memory alive for me.  Thank-you for sharing such a sad and difficult time in my life.

For today, though, I promised to keep things a little lighter!  No tissues necessary:)

After my struggle with body image the other day, and realizing that almost all of my summer clothes does not fit right due to my post pregnancy body, I decided I really needed to go shopping before I got to the point of meltdown again.  We have a very busy weekend ahead of us..Ellen's spring concert, Sarah's birthday, celebrating my grandmother's 93rd birthday, a Christian concert that my kids in youth group plus Jay and Ellen will be attending, and Jon's induction into the honor society.  Since it is going to be warm here the next few days...and probably from here on in now that we are in mid May....I REALLY needed clothes to wear.

My sister-in-laws offered to watch Luke for a few hours...thank-you, thank-you, thank-you..and I headed to the mall with Kate.(She was an absolute angel and slept the first hour of shopping and then happily sat in her carriage after I nursed her for the rest of my shopping trip!)  I found quite a few shirts, a couple pairs of shorts and capris, and even a bathing suit.  Mike finished early with work study so he met me at the mall and I treated him to a quick lunch.  It was a good shopping trip.

The only challenge with buying clothes,(other than not being the size I want to be!), is trying to find appropriate clothes.  I wish they had "age suggestions" for the different sections.  I do not want to buy things that make me look like a wanna be teenager.(My teenagers would be SO embarrassed!)  I also don't want to look like I'm ready for a visit in the senior center.(I mean NO offense to seniors...especially the women of a certain age who look stylish and classy!)  Honestly, that's what I want, to look stylish and classy for a woman in her late 30's with a bunch of kids!  Which section is that in?!?

I like makes me feel bright and cheery!  I don't really like sleeveless because I have "issues" with my arms.  I don't like tight fitting because right now my chest sticks out enough without any extra help!  And I definitely don't like low cut because I just like things that are more modest and because of my chest "issue" mentioned  previously....not all cleavage is a good thing!

It's a riot to listen to people shopping around you.  Their was an elderly mom and her daughter shopping.  The mom was a hot ticket...kept making these hilarious comments while her daughter was trying things on..."Why are you grunting so much in there tryin on those clothes?  Ya sound like you're having a baby!"

It's also interesting to see the outfits that different people choose....just because an outfit fits doesn't mean it flatters!(Of course, that's why it's always good to take an honest friend shopping with you for a second opinion!  Jay will be getting a "fashion show" after dinner tonight for that very reason!)

I mostly shopped for me today.  I only bought a few items for the kids that were needed.  I did refrain from entering into the baby girl section!  Those little pink dresses were calling to me though!