Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Dad To The Rescue

This morning Andrew is taking his SAT's.  Last night he printed out the form he needed to get into the test and read the list telling him what he needed to bring..I.D., two #2 pencils, calculator, snacks.  This morning he was up, showered and ready to go.  On the way out I asked him if he had everything.  The answer was,"Yes, Mom!"...with a slight eye roll and the tone that sounded like "Why are you asking me again..I've got this."

Well, I ask him(and all my other kids) multiple times because they have been known to forget things. And sure enough, right before they got to the school, Andrew looked at Jay and said, "I forgot my calculator."   UGH!

There was no time to go home and get it.  So, Jay dropped Andrew off at school and headed to Best Buy.  He called Best Buy as he was driving but got the recording saying they opened at 10(It was 7:45).  So Jay pulled over and tried to think of somewhere else.....Walmart!  He called them and they opened at 7.

So he headed up to Walmart.  He prayed before he got to each light along the way and got a green light every time!  He ran(literally) into the store, bought the calculator, and ran back to the car.

Jay drove back to the school.  He hit green lights every time again...Thank-you, God!  He got back to the school before the test started, found the room Andrew was in, and gave him the calculator.  Andrew was talking to his friend when Jay walked in.  Andrew thought Jay was going back home to grab his calculator so was surprised to see him.  Jay teased them that he made it home and back in only 10 minutes..and was signing up for Nascar next week!  They all had a good chuckle!

Stressful situation solved!  Super Dad to the rescue again!  Superman holds nothing to what dads(and moms) do on a daily basis to "save" our kids!


Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom said...

I think God was chuckling on that one! Glad it worked out. Since when can you take snacks to the SATs?! I missed out!

Michelle said...

I agree! Although he was still "starving" when he got out!:) Thanks for visiting!