Monday, May 14, 2012

More Living In The Moment~3rd Edition

After a truly peace filled and enjoyable Mother's Day, bed time was a welcome arrival.  Kate was not settling in her crib for some reason so I brought her into bed with me.  She settled right in to a deep sleep.  Sometimes she just needs to be close to mommy.  I was laying down next to her just gazing at her pretty, little face in the night light illuminated room.  She was so peaceful and I am just so grateful for this unexpected gift that God sent us.

Luke started fussing and calling for me..."Mommeee!"  He wanted a drink.  It looked like he was going to settle down but started fussing again a few minutes later.  I gave him more water and he climbed into bed with me.  He settled right down and put his foot on my leg...just wanting to know I was there.  

So there I was, between two little, precious children who needed the reassurance of their mommy's presence.  I thought of how this was what being a mom was all about.  To give all your love and all of yourself.  It's the sacrifice of sore shoulders and hips from sleeping in the same position too long because you don't want to wake  up the little one(s) in your bed.  It's the lack of sleep....the lack of "me" time...the lack of flexibility to go out and shop, or eat, or an easy night out with friends.


Those peaceful moments when you watch them sleep....or see their gummy grins...or get that first drooly baby kiss..or hear "I yuv you" from a toddler...or see your 9 year old that looks at you with complete love and without seeing your failures....or your teenagers that see all your failures(and point them all out) but give you a hug out of the blue or text you a "thank-you, mom" or "I love you, mom"....those moments are worth all the sacrifices!