Friday, May 11, 2012

Planning for Mother's Day

Some days you just feel a little flat.  That's how I felt today.  No real was a good day overall.  I had some grown-up time today talking to a friend and my sister-in-law.(Talking to grown-ups is always a good thing for stay at home moms!:)

Like I said before...just flat.  I think I just need a little sleep and some time to catch up on laundry and do the grocery shopping!  

I'm hosting a Mother's Day luncheon at our house Sunday.  It will include my family, my in-laws, and my sister's in-laws.  I want to make it special....but in order to do that I have to go shopping tonight to get all the things I need.  I'm planning on prepping the food tomorrow so that it won't be too crazy on Sunday morning.  Here's my menu so far:
lasagna(2 regular, 1 gluten free)
spiral ham
baked beans
taco salad
strawberries and dip
melon skewers
apple sauce(my brother-in-law makes)
2 appetizer dips(from my sisters in-laws)
bread pudding(my sister makes)
lemon cheesecake bars
chocolate truffle cheesecake

I need to get some small brown pots for the girls to paint so they can be a centerpiece/take home gift for the moms that are present.  Ellie made a really cute pot for me at school for mother's day with lady bugs all over it.  They made the lady bugs with their finger prints and used a black sharpie for the spots.  So cute!  So I'm going to have them copy that design. 

The girls will help me cut the melon with small cookie cutters and put the fruit on small wooden skewers.  They did that at the American Girl Bistro where we took Ellie for her birthday lunch.  Something a little extra special!

Having it at our house is so much easier than trying to contain a 2 year old, and Peter, in a restaurant.  Eating out had no appeal to me...way too much stress.  (I know, you are probably laughing because cooking all that food and having 30 people over isn't easy either!  But I do like to cook and entertain!)

The best part is that because my family and Jay's family are coming to lunch, I will have the rest of the day all to myself.  And for dinner....Papa Gino's pizza!!!!:)