Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Precious Little Gift

I have a wiggly 4 month old in my lap.  She's been a little grumpy since yesterday.  Maybe some early teething?(She's gnawing on her hands) She's definitely extra clingy...but that's ok.  One of the good things about having multiple children is that you know from experience that the different phases won't last forever!(Although sometimes it feels like it will...such as the stage my never-sleeps-through-the night toddler is in!)

My little Kate is snuggled nursing in my arms.  Her two little hands started out all balled up covering her eyes.  Now they are grasping the front of my shirt.  One of her hands has a strand of my hair twisted in it.(Gotta love that post pregnancy hair shed!)

She's hungry again since she spit up part of her last feeding all over my arm.  I now have the lovely smell I refer to as Eau de spit up!

She's starting to relax and fall asleep.  Her hands are more relaxed and her sucking has almost stopped.  Her breathing has slowed.  Her pudgy little body fits so well into my arms.  She's so squishy and cuddly!

I don't think this will be a productive afternoon!  I think I am just going to snuggle with Kate in my arms, gaze at her pretty little face, and thank God for this precious little girl!


Anonymous said...

visiting your from sits girls spring fling

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed it:)

Shell said...

Nothing wrong with enjoy those snuggly afternoons!

Michelle said...

I agree! Special time:)