Monday, May 7, 2012

A Not So Manic Monday

I am happy to report that the "mommy madness" effect from the super moon over the weekend is no longer present!(Hopefully the next time I freak out there's a crazy moon to blame it on!)

Despite not wanting to drag myself out of bed...(though it was made easier by the toddler laying next to me saying, "Mommy, open you eyes!":) was actually a very nice Monday.  I washed some laundry.  I folded laundry.  I put away laundry.(Just so you don't think I turned into Super Mom, the laundry I folded and put away was laundry I washed Saturday and the laundry washed today is now in baskets waiting to be folded tomorrow.  It's a never ending cycle!)

I nursed a lot.  I played with Luke.  We even got to go for a walk.  It was just a nice day...made even better that I was in one of those moods where I just felt appreciative to be with my kids.  Snuggling in the rocking chair with Luke while I nursed Kate was definitely the highlight of my day.  I was really living in the moment without letting the outer chaos of an untidy room(well...really an untidy house!) ruin the precious snuggle time.

I wish I could take every day in stride like today!  I wanted to get outside and pull some weeds but it didn't work out because Kate didn't nap well and was a little grumpy and clingy today.  Oh well.  I didn't get the dishes in the dishwasher until 10 minutes ago.  Oh well.  The living room could still use a good tidying but it will still be there waiting for me in the morning .  Oh well.

Having peace inside makes it so much easier to deal with the lack of peace around me.  If only I could avoid the triggers that make me the crazed woman unable to get the items on her to-do list checked off!  Its times like this that makes me wonder why I can't keep enough control of my emotions to react to my kids with love...whether it's to meet a need they have, or help with a homework/project problem, or even deal with crappy behavior?

I will definitely be saying a thank-you to God tonight when I go to bed for the gift of today.  Actually, every day is a's just that today I had the grace to appreciate it!


Lisa said...

Coming by from sits. Here is a tip...throw out your to do list and celebrate your accomplishments during the day. Raising your babies is the most important thing

jessica Anne said...

I think we're all entitled to some screaming mom days, full moon or not, especially with a large family! We're only human after all. It's good our kids know that. But I understand the guilt that follows. The post-scream hang over is not pretty.