Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Nice Day

Today was such a nice day.

I am grateful for the time spent with our friends at our home tonight during a potluck dinner, some prayer time, and then potluck dessert.

I am grateful that the day we spent preparing for the party was filled with peace and cooperative helpers.  I can honestly say I didn't yell once about getting the house cleaned.  Even though we didn't get to everything on the to-do list I felt satisfied with what we did get.  We had a good pace going through the day too, that included breaks, so that it didn't feel like there was so much pressure to get everything done in a manic way.  Even Jay looked at me right before everyone was supposed to arrive and said, "Today was such a great day!"  

That has NEVER happened before on a party prep day!

This is certainly not always the case of how our pre-party clean up happens...In fact, I usually struggle to keep my emotions calm because there is so much to do and never enough time to really do it all.  

Today was different...I'm not sure why.  But I am really happy with how everything went.  We even hired a babysitter for Peter to follow him around and keep an eye on him so Jay and I could enjoy socializing with our friends.  It worked out great!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first day of our holiday weekend and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!  I hope you all have a great time with your families and friends as well!

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Denise said...

So great that your were able to plan in a calm way and then even enjoy your party!

Michelle said...