Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Little Wonder!

I'm linking up with Crystal again today for Behind the Scenes!  

I love this picture I took of Luke late Sunday afternoon!  Seconds before I snapped the picture, Luke had been holding a red dragonfly in his hands.  Luke loves dragonflies!  Jay caught one and called Luke outside.  As soon as Jay called to him that he had a dragonfly, we heard the thumping of little feet run through the house to come and see!

Luke held it in his hand really gently!  (Which isn't easy for a very solid almost 4 year old!)  He was so excited!  When it was time to let it go, the dragonfly walked on his hand for a few seconds before it flew off and I snapped this shot of Luke with amazement on his face!

It's amazing how one of God's smallest creations can cause so much excitement!  I can only imagine how many little graces God sends my way that I don't see because I don't take the time to look!  How many times does God whisper in my heart to see something that would bring excitement and joy to my soul?  How many times do I put off that whisper so that I can finish whatever it is I'm doing only to miss the moment?

I'm thankful for the reminder to find wonder in the little things!