Saturday, August 24, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

I'm a day late (and a dollar short, as the saying goes), but here are my 7 Quick Takes Friday....even though it's Saturday!

We went to the Roger Williams Zoo a week, actually, I'm cheating again because what I'm sharing isn't from this past week!  I guess I could make up a new saying...a week late and $7 short!(That would be true, too!)

Going to Roger Williams Zoo was Mike's idea.  He wanted to do something special with Luke before he went away to college.  I rallied my weary mom self to try and create one more summer memory.

Here are my favorite 7 pictures from the day:)

1. Zebra Gazing
Our first stop was to look at the zebras.  I love when little kids stand on fence rails!

2.  Elephant Gazing
I like the way this pic turned out of Peter looking at the elephants.  Right after we took this picture, the zookeepers got all the elephants inside to give them a bath.  Luke and Peter got right up close and watched the zookeepers scrub their legs and back.  My favorite part was when the elephants lifted their feet to be scrubbed:) 

3.  Africa Wind
The zoo had this small, showerlike enclosure that you could stand in and, for $2, would blow wind the way you would experience it in Africa.  That kind of experience is right up Peter's sensory alley!  As you can see from the pic, he absolutely loved it!  Well worth the $2:)

4. Luke's Favorite Animal
Luke's favorite "exhibit" by far was the mini excavator fixing mulch!  Mike was incredulous that we had driven an hour to a huge zoo with tons of animals and Luke would have been content to spend the entire day watching a mini construction truck!  (Later on, when I told Luke to look at the Crane, Luke was disappointed when he found out it was only a bird I was talking about!)

5.  Kate's Favorite Animal
Kate's favorite was the seal!  It would swim right past the glass where she was standing every minute and a half.  Every time she would giggle and smile with such excitement!

6.  Special Brother Time

 7.  Luke and Kate
I just love the way they love each other!

Have a great weekend!