Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday?  Why can't the work week be 2 days and the weekend 5?

I would like that!

We had a busy weekend!  Jay was on call, but, thankfully, only had to work a few hours on Saturday and an hour on Sunday.

We had our families over for dinner on Saturday to celebrate Luke and Peter's birthdays.  Peter's was last Wednesday and Luke's birthday is this Wednesday so we had one big party in the middle!

We had a simple cookout since hot dogs, chips and watermelon are their favorite foods.:)  Jay's mom made a great dinosaur cake with a triceratops cute!  Luke especially loved it!

Three blue eyed girls!  My niece, Mya, Ellie and Kate:)

Peter blowing out his candles.

Luke looking at the cool dino cake!

Getting a little help from his cousin, Brayden:)

The boys loved their presents!  Peter got some great clothes, a mask for the pool, and some pool games.   Luke got a cool new truck that he calls a 'dino digger' from Jay's parents, some lego truck sets, and some cool dino shirts for fall!

On Sunday, we went to 8am Mass as usual then came home for a quick breakfast.  Jay left to see his patient and when he came back, we were packed and ready to go to our Parish picnic at a local pond.  The younger kids had a great time swimming in the pond while the moms sat around making sure everyone was safe and catching up.  The men were grilling and doing their own socializing, too!

A very full...but very nice...weekend!  Hope your weekend was spectacular!